EnviroCretePty Ltd Operation model

The 6 fundamental steps of 


  • Architectural Projects

    Acquisition of Housing Projects, Architectural blueprints from external Architectural & Engineering companies

  • Bio-Climatic Engineering Services

    Envirocrete Engineering services will to translate the architectural designs into EnviroCrete ABT System

  • Woodchip Treatment Process

    Production of Envirocrete Raw Material -Collection of scrap wood -chipping -treatment process-storing

  • Precast of Building Components

    Production of Envirocrete Prefab components -wall panels- roof & floor slabs  -hollowcore partition walls

  • Logistics/handling and delivery to site

    Prefab Housing components are stock piled and stored for curing , when ready the are delivered on demand to the construction sites

  • Erection of site

    Erection of houses is carried out by expert builders and construction  companies


The industrial process to produce

EnviroCrete RAW

Envirocrete Woodchip treatment factory

The process for producing EnviroCrete Raw requires an industrial plant with specialised equipment for screening, chipping, drying, treating, storing and conveying the product.

1. Collection from the field (sources are plantations, sawmills and industrial waste depots.)

2. Screening for contaminants (metal, concrete, stone, or de-barking.)

3. Shredding and secondary chipping process to reduce the wood to the appropriate size and format with a stable and repeatable process independent of the wood source format.

4. Stabilisation, treatment and post-treatment process by means of industrial ISO 9001 controlled quality process.

The mineralisation process of the wood chips does NOT involve any noxious chemicals or substances, and thus EnviroCrete Raw is completely ecological and biocompatible. It is necessary that the correct degree of humidity is maintained for the storage and conveying of EnviroCrete Raw, before utilisation in the conventional batching plant


EnviroCrete Precast Wall Factory -Elematic

The industrial process to produce

EnviroCrete WALLS & ROOF 

The process for producing Precast Wall Panels with EnviroCrete Mix requires an industrial precast manufacturing plant with specialised equipment for batching casting and conveying on flat beds; overhead cranes are needed for lifting the panels vertically; and, external gantry cranes are needed for lifting the panels onto the transport trucks; also, storage facilities are needed for managing the storage and curing of the panels.

The manufacturing process for precast wall panels, begins with:
1. The receipt of the EnviroCrete Raw from the treatment factory.
2. The wood aggregate is then fed to a special batching plant and mixed with cement and water to form EnviroCrete Mix.
3. Thereafter it is conveyed to the casting bed by means of a special skip-bucket.
4. The EnviroCrete Mix is casted on an array of beds equipped with pre-set shuttering.
5. Once casted, the panels are in a horizontal position and levelled uniformly with a vibration and compacting system;
6. thereafter the panels are covered and left to cure for about 10 hours on the beds.
7. Finally, the panels are tilted to a vertical position, lifted and removed by an overhead crane to the temporary curing stockyards/storage facilities.

EnviroCrete products can be delivered to site after 10-20 days and on site erecting of the building/structure can start immediately according to the EnviroCrete Construction System.


Envirocrete Wall precast factory
Envirocrete dry jointed wall assembly
Envirocrete bioclinmatic house
Aggregate Factory
OFF-site Operations
ON-site Operations

Unique Result

Solid Quality Assurance

Envirocete plant ISO: 9001

Flawless & repeatable process

always in control

  • Modular prefab components fabricated off-site  have built in certified quality
  • Construction speed up to 50m2/day 3-4 workers per house on site at a time
  • Walls load bearing dry jointed are simple to operate & install
  • Extreme flexibility for modifications and conventional finishing
  • No specialized masonry skills required
Envirocrete Bioclimatic house


EnviroCrete Mix can be processed seamlessly on all conventional industry standard Precast Manufacturing Equipment 

  • No need to modify or make adaptations to  standard precast machinery to process the light woodchip agregate in 100% replacement of conventional sand and stone agregates 
  • No need to train specialized workers to perform routinary wall and block precasting  using the conventional concrete ready mix-know-how


produced on Shredder-Screening Plant

Hollowcore Slabs

produced on Extruders & Slip formers

Prefab Walls

produced on Precast tilting table factory

  • 2016

    Milestone 1

  • 2017

    Milestone 2


  • 2018

    Milestone 3