Our Values

“Building dignified homes for dignified people”

Building dignified homes for dignified peoplesimply means that we want to build quality homes at affordable prices within a specified time frame in order to meet the housing needs of our people.

EnviroCrete will operate by the following principals:

  • Deliver outstanding Green Construction Affordable Housing Solutions and up -lift the  lifestyle of the poorest and needfull.
  • Raise environmental awareness by encouraging & promoting development strategies for sustainable housing.
  • Uphold  the highest levels of integrity and professionalism in the Green Construction workplace.

First EnviroCrete Bio-Climatic House in South Africa

Envirocrete Pty Ltd’s ultimate goal is to deliver ecological, scalable and sustainable housing solutions within South Africa, throughout the African continent, as well as to other developing countries,  world-wide.


“A bridge across industries”

Envirocrete Pty Ltd was established in 2015, by founding members, Roberto Pane (technology) Shaiek Coe (business development) and Zuleigha Abderoef (human resources). The company’s shareholding is 100% female owned, with a BBEEE level 1 rating.

The company’s legacy dates back to 1982, at which time Envirocrete Raw® was first introduced to the European construction market, to produce highway acoustic barriers for the Italian French Alps, spanning 30 km. From 1992, Envirocrete’s innovative wood-concrete technology, was employed to produce ecological houses in Italy, the South of France and North Africa.

Circular green economy Wood chip recycling precast

EnviroCrete’s Construction System is destined to profoundly impact how conventional construction industries operate, making future large scale ecological housing developments a reality, in line with the G20 climate change action group objectives.

Envirocrete’s key contribution to ecological requirements, is situated in the Envirocrete Mix – an innovative variant of a concrete mix made up through a combination of Portland cement and treated woodchips

This creates a UNIQUE straight forward synergy and circular economy  between 3 industrial sectors. Concrete Pre-Fabrication – Waste Collection and Recycling   – Timber & Saw Milling.

We introduce a truly sustainable PRECAST GREEN BUILDING TECHNOLOGY that is fully compatible & synergic with all existing industrial processes and building technologies.


“The strength of a multi-cultural/multi-national collaboration”

Roberto Pane

CTO – Director – Technology and Materials


Roberto is a visionary technological innovator with over 24 years of experience. Recognized for talents in Business Development, Sales Management and Technological Innovation

Accomplished professional in the European Automotive Industry, Program Management, R&D, Product Design and Engineering of plastic/ metal components.
With a broad and diversified background in International Business Development New Markets in the Green Building Industry (Alternative Building Technologies) Construction and Renewable Energy he brings a very important multidisciplinary contribution to the Envirocrete Team.

Shaiek Coe

BDV – Director – Business Development and Marketing


Shaiek has extensive and diversified experience (30+ years) in property sales, property marketing, property management, construction operations management, and development, as well as an exemplary career at leading organisations. He is a confident and skilled business negotiator, decisive and efficient, whilst working on several projects, simultaneously. His management style is team-oriented, he has excellent interpersonal skills, and places a strong emphasis on a high and qualitative work ethics and accuracy of work output. He has the proven ability to analyse, strategically plan, manage and motivate to achieve immediate and long-term goals.

Shaiek has the proven ability to contribute meaningfully to the achievement of Envirocrete’s company objectives and goals

Zuleigha Abderoef

Owner,  Director – Human Resources


Zuleigha has several years of experience in managing staff and operations in the financial and construction industries. She also has experience in the academic sector, having successfully project managed the accreditation and registration of the first Islamic university in South Africa. This project required her to manage the academic and administrative staff of the university..

She is accomplished and articulate, and has also worked abroad, adding international relations to her resume

Andreas Rehwinkel

Director – Construction Design and Engineering


Andreas obtained the B Eng ( Hons ) Structural Engineering Cum Laude from the University of Pretoria

He has been involved in Structural Engineering since 1980 and has experience in the design of Structural Steel , Reinforced Concrete and Pre-cast concrete structures

Andreas has been practicing as Consulting Engineer for a variety of companies and has been involved on major projects throughout South Africa and a variety of Sub-Saharan countries which includes amongst others Nigeria , Republic of Congo , Ivory Coast , Angola and others .

He is currently based in South Africa with offices in Pretoria and Cape Town .

Milkwood City Development

Envirocrete Technology and Building System was presented to the Milkwood Project Cape Town (former Wescape City Development) in 2016. This presentation was followed up by a successful due diligence assessment. Since then we have developed close business relationship, where Envirocrete ALTERNATIVE BUILDING TECHNOLOGIES, was established as the preferred fully GREEN CONSTRUCTON building system, capable of supporting the requirements of this massive smart city development, i.e. Envirocrete Pty Ltd can deliver green, qualitative housing at scale and in shorter time frames.

PPC is a registered trademark for Pretoria Portland Cement Company is an established South African Cement Brand and produces cement, lime and aggregates since 1982

PPC the South African largest and oldest cement manufacturer capable of producing up to 1.8 million tons of cement per annum, has adapted through changing economical and political circumstances, becoming a leading provider of quality alternative environmentally friendly building materials and solutions.

PPC and Envirocrete Pty Ltd has been engaged in enterprise development talks since 2017, where PPC is supporting Envirocrete’s GREEN CONSTRUCTION and ABT, with the intention of diversifying their core  products and materials for the construction industry into the GREEN economy space.

Envirocrete Raw treated woodchips

PCC envisions to utilize Envirocrete’s  innovative  treated woodchips agregate as viable replacement of concrete mix aggregates (sand  and stone)  in the construction industry.

Our Recognitions

“Green Building & Circular Economy merits”


Gold in the ECO-INNOVATION category
For an innovative Design, Construction, Technology, Methodology, Product or Service that serves the needs of humans whilst also being supportive of and beneficial for the Earth’s biodiversity and eco-systems. 


Silver in the RECYCLING & CIRCULAR ECONOMY category
For a policy, programme, project, product, service or technology that significantly reduces waste volumes and/or facilitates a circular economy through re-use, recycling or upcycling.