Envirocrete® Building System

Envirocrete Building phase 1Envirocrete Building phase 1
Ground Floor - (built on conventional foundation)

The peripheral load bearing precast walls are brought to site and hosited into position with a crane and thus fixed on conventional concrete foundation slab.

Envirocrete Building phase 2Envirocrete Building phase 2
First story decks

Once all the vertical walls have been erected a pre-assembled composite flooring deck is lowered into place.

EnviroCrete Building Phase 3EnviroCrete Building Phase 3
First story walls- (fitted on top off ground floor pannels)

The erection process proceeds with installation of the first story walls panels

Envirocrete building final phase 4Envirocrete building final phase 4
Roofing Compisite Slabs

The raw structure contruction job is concluded with the laying of the pre-assembled roof system

Simplicity – Speed – Quality

  1. All wall floor and roof panels are precasted and pre-assembled off-site
  2. No wet joining on-site , only special screws are used for fixing
  3. The system fully operable and interfacable with conventional building materials and construction techniques
Envirocrete building section drawing

EnviroCrete ® DRY JOINTED BUILDING SYSTEM make life much easier for builders

Envirocrete® Blocks

Envirocrete® Raw (treated wood chips) when produced locally costs 40-50% less than the sand + grit aggregate (not needed at all)

Envirocrete® Blocks Std 8’ inch x 18 cost ~20-30% less of traditional hollowcore concrete blocks

At comparable building costs use of Envirocrete® Blocks provide
+ 40% energy saving (Thermal Insulation)
+ 30% Acoustic insulation improvement

Ligher  – Bigger  – Cheeper

EnviroCrete® Special Blocks 

20x28x60 cm ; 16 kg

Envirocrete® Roof System

Basic Roofing system

EnviroCrete® 10 cm slab 

good insulation at affordable cost


Timber Rafter


10cm Envirocrete Slab




Waterproof Membrane

EnviroCrete Basic Roof System 14 cm slab
  1. Timber rafter
  2. Envirocrete® slab 10 cm
  3. Brandering
  4. Waterproof membrane

Ventilated-Composite Roofing System

EnviroCrete® 14 cm shuttered slab

excellent thermal & acustic insualtion at very affordable cost


  • Developed for the first time in South Africa according to local requirements and at very low cost impact
  • Thermal Inversion of 14 hours assures that the heat NEVER transfers  inside the house
  • No need for extra cooling fan or HVAC-> Living in full comfort
  • Great acoustic insulation + 50% improvement.-> No hearing hail battering or external noises

A Thermal Invertion (displacement) of 14 hours means that it takes that time  for heat from outside to penetrate inside

Envirocrete Ventilated Composite Roof

EnviroCrete® Walls for high raise buildings

Envirocrete high rise panels clading system

Fixing details using L shape metal brackets with chemical set bolts to connect to the concrete pillars and self tapping wood screws to conntect to the EnviroCrete pannels

Envirocrete highrise panel cladding system internal bracket fixing detail
Concrete Piller Metal bracket fixing to EnviroCrete pannel

EnviroCrete PANNELS are engineered to fitted flush to the concrete beams.

Envirocrete highrise panel cladding system

Non load bearing  precast walls – 850 Kg/m3

EnviroCrete® Pannel  System 

Precasted -Light Weight-Insulating & Acoustic

  Very fast & easy to install

Speed  & Total Quality  are built-in features


  • Speed of construction 220 rooms plugged in 30 days.
  • Reduction of construction costs (cranes, labor, etc. ).
  • + 34 % energy saving reduction lowering facility operating costs.
  • Improved comfort for guests with better thermaly insulated rooms.
  • + 30% acoustic insulation improvement. > 58dB reduction in 20 cm
Non load bearing pannels for high rise buildings
Tiberio Palace Hotel Naples finished with Envirocrete wall panels