Envirocrete brings a sustainable & efficient alternative building solution by employing alternative building technologies, methods & materials.

Envirocrete Raw Treated wood chip Leight weight construction material cement woodchip mix Ecological sustanable recyclable construction material
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What is Envirocrete ?

Envirocrete® Raw  is special type of green, light-weight aggregate that provides the perfect combination of the structural properties of cement & the thermal insulation and  acoustic properties of wood.

Envirocrete® Mix is a special type of green concrete that when batched with ordinary Portland Cement ASTM-C150-Type-I & water can be used to produce concrete products such as hollow core blocks, hollow core slabs, solid precast wall panels, light weight floors, decking and roof systems.

Envirocrete® Construction System  is an innovative unique alternative building process  that combins best practice of Bio-Climatic Architecture and Engineering with off-site pre-fabrication industrial production technology.