Envirocrete Construction, Infrastructural & Decorative Product Range

ENVIROCRETE  is a registered trade mark under which name there is a variety of products components and building systems

  • Envirocrete Raw(treated wood chips) is the base material that is to be considered a light weight aggregate to be used in the concrete mix instead of sand and stone.
  • Envirocrete Mix is the a light weight concrete (800 kg/m3) batched in a normal concrete batching plant.
  • Envirocrete Hollow-Core Blocks are produced in normal concrete block machine automatic or semi automatic.
  • Envirocrete Hollow-Core Slabs 1200 mm width are produced with automatic hollow-Core extruder machines and slip formers
  • Envirocrete Structural Wall Panels custom size are produced in bed trays in a concrete precast panel factory.
  • Envirocrete House System, namely a construction system based on Envirocrete wall floor and roof precast panels manufactured off-site and then constructed on site – self load load bearing dry jointed
  • Envirocrete Roof System namely a composite roofing system manufactured off-site were the main component is a Envirocrete insulating slab
  • Envirocrete Highway Acoustic Barriers. Is a fully Engineered System for highway and road noise protection. It constituted be special anecoic panels of Envirocrete

Envirocrete Solid Beautiful Homes to Live a Better Life

A breathable wall for a healthy home

Like a skin that breathes, wood concrete naturally regulates the humidity of indoor air thanks to the migration of water vapor. When it is overabundant, the EnviroCrete wall absorbs it without creating condensation.

Conversely, when the indoor air becomes too dry, the EnviroCrete wall releases the absorbed water vapor. The principle of absorption and return of steam increases the feeling of thermal comfort and offers the key to a healthy and ecological house

Insulation integrated into the wall, unrivaled thermal performance

Composed mainly of wood, EnviroCrete walls offer the advantage of integrated insulation, distributed throughout the thickness of the walls, thus eliminating thermal bridges and condensation that are found in other constructive solutions. The studied structure of this type of eco-construction guarantees a naturally effective thermophonic insulation.

True dwelling comfort at all seasons

The thermal phase shift of the perspiring EnviroCrete wall  linked to the inertia of wood concrete considerably slows the heat transfers in winter and summer prevents the penetration of the solar energy, accumulated in the walls during the day and released at night.

It has been tested that EnviroCrete structures with  a phase shift of 21 hours have a damping rate greater than 96%. This value ​​can be compared to qualitative benchmarks: walls with a phase shift of 12 hours and a damping rate of 70% are already considered very good.

Proven Structural, Thermal & Acoustic Insulation Properties

EnviroCrete Raw is completely bio-compatible  , renewable and also recyclable construction material, truly ecological and sustainable,  essentially  made  out  of  mineralized  scrap  wood and cement. EnviroCrete products combine  thermal and acoustic efficiency related to the wood content with structural properties related to the cement content , intended for the construction of buildings with low energy consumption, even passive, answering criteria of quality, durability and comfort of life.

There  are amazing features and proven features  such as resistance to  earthquakes  with  anti-  seismic features, resistance to fire , resistance to water. The finish look is course but evenly flat and does not require heavy plastering It also has also a pleasant texture when left in raw finished state

The finish look is course but evenly flat and does not require heavy plastering It also has also a pleasant texture when left in raw finished state

  • Monolithical wall thickness range 18- 40 cm
  • EnviroCrete Mix density is 800 kg/m3 vs Concrete ready Mix 2400 kg/m3
  • Structural load bearing walls compression strength 3,5 N/mm2(anti-seismic certified)
  • Zero condensate risk and very high permeability to steam
  • Walls are breathing (diffusion resistance factor u=13)
  • Resistance to cyclic frosting and defrosting in severe weather conditions (non plastered walls)
  • Thermal insulation (thermal transmittance U= 0,19 W/m2K )
  • Sound absorption properties (10cm with plaster ‘Rw’ 38 dB)
  • Certified fire resistance in 10 cm with plaster = REI 180

EnviroCrete® properties are proven and tested over 25 years

As far as building systems are concerned, the following aspects are assessed:

  • Structural strength and stability
  • Behavior in fire
  • Water penetration
  • Thermal performance
  • Durability and the maintenance required
  • The likelihood of condensation forming on the inside of the building
  • Acoustic performance
  • The applicant’s quality system.

Agrément South Africa is an independent organisation that evaluates the fitness for purpose of non-standardised building and construction products and systems by applying performance-based criteria in its assessment procedure.

Where a system or product is assessed to be fit for purpose, the Board of Agrément South Africa grants it a certificate. These certificates are technical documents that:

  • Describe the system or product;
  • Summarise the assessed performance;
  • List the uses for which the subject of the certificate has been assessed to be fit
  • Give the conditions and requirements that must be met if the assessed performance is to be attained;
  • State which regulations are deemed to be satisfied by the subject of the certificate.

60 %energy saving is achieved by

Passive solar Architectural Design
Thermally Insulating Construction Material